The Cullen Theater Lighting System has been augmented and modified to allow for flexibility in supporting the specific needs of both performance capture and video production within the Theater. In addition to the space's full theatrical lighting system, a number of Vari*lite and Martin moving lights have been added both over stage and in a new front of house position. This promotes both the ease of creating varied and dynamic lighting, while being able to maintain social distancing of the designer and operator from the stage house. Additionally, color tunable LED fixtures have been added throughout to allow for quick and precise hue and color temperature control of the stage area in order to best support the needs of the Camera Crew. These changes enable clients to capture great content in our current circumstances while granting a huge amount of adaptability, speed, and safety.

The samples shown below are a representation of the lighting scenes available with minimal programming.
Front light is not included in any of the samples but is completely programmable.


Lighting Samples